Welcome to the W Star bnb 渥爾夫民宿 ,

To have the best lodging quality for you,please comply with the regulations.

  • Please check in after 3:00 PM and check out before 11:00 AM.
  • The meal time is 8:30AM-10:00AM. (To prepare a peculiar breakfast, please inform us in advance if you are a vegetarian.)
  • Please take off your shoes putting into the shoes cabinet and change into indoor slippers without hanging out.
  • After leaving the common-used hall, please keep it clean and carry off your personal belongings.
  • To preserve the peace and quiet for other guests, please lower your volume after 10:00PM.
  • We will turn off the outdoors garden lights and close the gate at 10:30PM, please back to the accommodations before 10:30PM
    as much as possible and contact the host if you are in unusual case.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • To consider the quality and security of accommodations, callers are not allowed to enter the rooms and put up for nights without
  • The number of guests should follow the reservation, you will have an extra pay if more people check in.
  • No smoking indoors including the bathrooms, please go outside or go to the balcony if you want to smoke. It costs 500NTD for
    cleaning fee if you contravene the regulation causing the unusual smell of indoors windows.
  • Compensate as a market price if you drink and throw up in bed or damage other goods in accommodations.
  • Please don’t remove the interior decorations without permission. For example: Bed.
  • Dangerous articles like gas stove, induction cooker, etc. are not allowed indoors.
  • Please lock the door before leaving, take care of your own valuables yourself, and give the key back after checking out.
  • We have a service of picking up and dropping off at Luo Dong station, welcome to make a reservation.

Contact number: 0960-537-568

Thanks for your cooperation and have a nice trip!